As a World Instant Noodles Association report indicates, 290,000,000 noodles a day is eaten worldwide, which means 106.4 billion noodles a year. Noodle is a product of less than one supplier in our country and it is a product that cannot be supplied to the consumer at a fair price due to the mismatch between demand and supply. Chilalo Food Complex launched this product with production capacity of 528 quintals / 24 hours. Now the introduction of the product branded as OK Noodles is changing the demand, price, and supply of noodles in Ethiopian market. The company is working hard to change the wrong perceptions and limited consumption of the product only by early young part of the market segment.

Fried noodles production line is one of the components of Chilalo Food Complex Expansion project. The machine was already imported and waiting the installation process. The noodle will be served with two flavors; namely vegetable with 70gm and 120 gm plastic bags and chicken with 70gm and 120gm plastic bag. This production line will have 60 permanent and 15 seasonal employees