Facilities and Services

Noodles Production

Fried noodles production line is one of the components of Chilalo Food Complex Expansion project. The machine was already imported and waiting the installation process. The noodle will be served with two flavors; namely vegetable with 70gm and 120 gm plastic bags and chicken with 70gm and 120gm plastic bag. This production line will have 60 permanent and 15 seasonal employees.

Wafers Production Line

he fully automatic baking ovens of the GPF series are used for the industrial production of flat and hollow wafers and are specially designed to meet rough operating conditions. Modular cantilevered machine frame made of Cast iron elements. Wearied by stainless steel tightly closing, side-hung doors providing maximum heat insulation with special non-combustible materials inside. The high baking capacity by means of baking tong chain consisting of 90 baking tongs with a production capacity of between 38-40 wafer sheets per minute.
OK wafers are one of the newly introduced biscuit products of Chilalo Food Complex. The wafers presented to the market with 30 pieces and 60 pieces package. The line has 35 permanent and 15 seasonal employees.

Biscuit Production Lines

he company has four biscuit production lines with different capacity. Now days, Chilalo Food Complex is distributing its products in the national level throughout the country using its own vans. Currently, we are producing energizer biscuit for Ethiopian national defense force. So, we are providing our own support in national level. Currently, there are more than 700 permanent employees in all the biscuit production lines.

Pasta Production Line

Chilalo Food Complex imported one of the huge long-cut pasta production lines in the country in 2020 from a very famous Italian company called FAVA S.P.A. The machine is new in its brand and as informed from the supplier it’s the first in terms of technology and capacity in East Africa.
The total daily production capacity of the pasta production line is 3000Kg/hr. As the information gathered from the market and the sales report indicates it’s highly accepted with a very remarkable market demand. The line has 72 permanent and 30 seasonal employees.

Macaroni Production Line

Ok Macaroni is one of the products produced by Chilalo Food Complex. The Macaroni production machine has a capacity of 2000Kg/hr. The products are produced with different types, such as spiral, big elbow, small elbow and medium elbow. There are 25 permanent and 15 seasonal employees in the macaroni production line.

Wheat Flour Production Lines

The company has two wheat flour milling machines with a daily production capacity of 120 ton and 110 ton a total of 230 ton. The wheat flour produced in this section used only for factory consumptions, not for market purpose due to huge consumptions of the lines in the factory. In this two wheat flour milling machines there are 60 permanent employees and 25 seasonal employees.
Semolina production technology is not started in Ethiopia yet, but currently Chilalo food complex is on progress to start production, which has various advantages for the country- to substitute both imported spaghetti pasta and semolina flour by local products. The line has a total of 200T daily production capacity.

Grain Storage Silo

Grain storage silo has much importance for a food processing company. One advantage is lower assembling costs since this element is designed specifically for this purpose and weighs less than a storage facility, another advantage lies in how easy it is to keep the optimum storage conditions for the grain, by controlling the temperature, insects, mold, birds, which in long term storage facilities could result in an important economic loss and the third advantage consists of lower costs than that incurred from using warehouses, which entails the automation of the grain transport equipment. The loading as well as the unloading can be completely automated using a SCADA system and at a lower cost.
Chilalo Food Complex imported and installed three grain storage silos from a much known Turkey company called `My Silo`. Each silo has a capacity of 30,000 Quintals and the total capacity is 90,000 Quintals of grain. 

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