Before the establishment of the Chilalo food complex the owner Mr. Tedla Hailegiorgis Geda had Flour Company which named as Chilalo Flour Company. Chilalo Flour Factory was established in 2008 by having 2.8 Million Birr capitals by the then exchange rate and 28 employees. The flour factory was built on 3,500 Km2 at Asella city. The Chilalo Flour Factory obtains all the row materials from the local Farmers and the company was known by producing high-quality flour for customers. Even the company works with banks now, during the establishment time, the good news is the company did not take any kinds of bank credits that can be a strong effort of the owner.

After three years, at 2010 the company gets a legal documents and a place to expand itself from it where. The city administration office allows the company to locate another area in side Asella for further expiation. During this time the company can able to produces biscuits in addition to flour. Then the name chilalo flour company changed and become chilalo food complex.

During 2011 Chilalo food complex covers 15,000 Km2 areas which were granted from Assela City Administration following the investment permit from Oromia Regional State in early 2011, under registration number KIO-A/ID/HO270 with a starting capital of 25 Million Ethiopian Birr (1.4 Million USD). The period of establishment was full of challenges, getting professional employees, inserting the products into the market, Mood of product delivery, Promotion and some others challenged the company. But the owner and the employees hardly work to break the market barriers, Even if the owner works by being sales drivers. Finally Chilalo food complex become a known company that produces a high quality OK brand biscuits, macaroni and flour.

Chilalo Food Complex is located in Assela town of Oromia Regional State 175Km far from the Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa. The company is privately owned by Mr. Tedla Hailegiorgis Geda and established in December 2010 following the previously planted flour factory

After the establishment, Chilalo Food Complex started producing high quality wheat flour, Macaroni and wide varieties of Biscuits with a common brand name `OK`. Its products are available in every market using its own more than 70 van trucks of different types throughout the country. Since the factory is located in Asella town, which commonly cultivate wheat with good qualities and quantities nationally; it enables the location the most convenient place a food complex could ever.

Currently, Chilalo Food Complex has 1500 permanent and more than 600 seasonal employees. As of 2020 the total capital of the factory is 716,000,000 Ethiopian Birr. One extra biscuit factory, one noodles factory and one large warehouse are parts of the expansion project. The company started an expansion project with more than a total capital of 600,000,000 Ethiopian Birr. When the project is finalized the company will hire 2,000 permanent and more than 600 seasonal employees. Moreover, Chilalo Food Complex is an action-oriented company which is greatly participating in providing different social-support to the needy ones.

Now a days, Chilalo Food Complex supplies huge amount of high energizer biscuit for Ethiopian National Defense Force and Oromia Special Police force.